The Importance Of The Capstone Doctrine

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0108. Capstone Doctrine. Capstone doctrines are guiding principles and core objects. These are the fundamental doctrines basing on which Army ops and trg is conducted.These are evolving body of institutional guidance that provides support and directions to persons and organizations for planning and implementation of organizational missions. These doctrines include Planning Directives, Defense Policy, Strategic Directive, War Book etc, which are Developed and distributed by Ministry, AFD or AHQ GS Br (MO Dte). ARTDOC or Proponents do not have any direct role on development of those. 0109. Centre of Excellence. Institutions of respective Arms/Services are the Alma Mater for the personnel of that service. These institutions improve tactics, tech,…show more content…
Doctrine. Doctrine is generally defined as "that which is taught". In other words, it is the basis for institutional teaching of its personnel. Military doctrine is the fundamental principles by which military forces or elements thereof guide their action in support of military objectives. It is authoritative but requires judgment in application. It applies to all operations including UN ops and MOOTW describing how (not what) to think about ops and what to train on. Well-developed doctrines facilitate an army to achieve its msn in the most efficient manner. Effective doctrine is current, relevant, well-researched, flexible, understandable, consistent, concise, enduring and…show more content…
Publications. Publication means "the act of making public known”. In Bangladesh Army, publications generally mean those books that describe details on any subjects on training and operations. The term publications and pamphlets are used interchangeably. For the ease of brining commonality, training pamphlets will generally be named as publications. 0119. Project Proposal (PP). PP is the official document that establishes doctrine development requirements. It authorizes the expenditure of resources and likely time plan to develop the doctrine. A PP for developing a particular doctrine is usually prepared by the proponent and approved by HQ ARTDOC. 0120. Reviewer. Units/HQs/Dtes/Br/Organizations/Institutions to whom a draft doctrine will be sent for their inputs are termed as ‘Reviewers’. The list of reviewers may vary based on the type of the documents/doctrine. Proponents will choose the reviewers and HQ ARTDOC have the authority to approve. 0121. Staffing. Staffing is the process of acquiring, deploying, and retaining a workforce of sufficient quantity and quality. For this document, staffing means the process of prep drafts, getting comments from reviewers, modifying the documents if necessary

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