Weightlifting Community Analysis

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The weightlifting community is a community that I am very actively involved with and that I put a lot of effort into. The people I meet in the weight room are so cool and have the same goals as me. Everyone there is determined to improve their physique in some way, and that is what makes this community so special. I have already met a couple of friends that I now hangout with outside of the weight room do to our relationship started in the gym. Earbuds for some, headsets for others, but a way to listen to music is a very materialistic piece that almost every weight lifter is equipped with. Some of the best headsets and earbuds can be found at Skullcandy and that is why a lot of people might be seen wearing these in the weight room. The Little Caesars community is another one in which I am a part of. I worked at Little Caesars this past summer and made some decent money also some nice friends. The people I worked with at Little Caesars were all on the missions as me: to make as much money as possible before heading to college. A coworker of mine that I got really close to named Alec actually ended up at Eastern Michigan University just like me! Alec and I still hang out at Eastern…show more content…
Students at best must continue to maintain a 3.40 GPA throughout their collegiate career at EMU to stay in the dorms. This means that everyone in the Best Halls dormitory must prioritize school work over everything else. Everyone in best hall values their grades and school work more than partying and those other distractions. The people in best hall that I have met are very nice and very fun to be around. I have multiple friends on my floor and in the entire dorm, making this community a perfect fit for me. My roommate and suitemates are a good fit for me and we are all always on the same page and that is why I am glad I choose to be a part of the Best Hall

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