' Holbach's Argument Essay: Are We Free?

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What is freedom? Are we free? Humans, especially those who live in a democratic government like the United States, like to think of themselves as being born free and thus having free will. Freedom comes not only with the theory that we have a direct impact on everything surrounding us but also with the notion of responsibility for our choices and actions, which enables us to be worthy of the consequences that arise as a result, whether they come to us as rewards or punishments. If we are free, we are morally and physically responsible for what we choose and the results thereafter. Likewise, if we are not free, then we bear no moral responsibility for what we do since we don’t have the choice to choose whether to do such action or not. To solve this problem, we will identify ourselves with hard determinists by proclaiming that…show more content…
By making this assertion, they take moral responsibility out of the human behavior because if one did not cause the behavior to happen, meaning we are not free to choose whether or not the behavior takes place, we cannot be responsible for said behavior. One of the pioneers of this argument is Baron Paul Henri D’ Holbach who believed, “Man’s life is a line that nature commands…without his ever being able to swerve from it, even for an instant”. He argued that that since humans are part of nature and nature is causally determined, it makes humans and their behavior causally determined as well. Holbach gave several reasons for his argument: we are born without our consent; we are constituted of our biological makeup of both of our parents and the environment surrounding us; we involuntarily acquire new ideas; our habits derive from our surrounding peers such as family, church, school and friends. There is nothing in this world that is not caused by something and is part of a free and undetermined

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