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I am a teenage girl in high school. My ideal night consists of going out with my friends; unfortunately, that is not always the plan. I have three little, vexing cousins whom I must babysit when my aunts go out. At first, it was a pain in the butt but now it is a piece of cake due to my little procedure. When you first start babysitting, you want to do whatever the children want so you will not make them cry. Let it be, make the kids think you will do whatever they want, but do not cross the line because then they will think they can walk all over you. Let’s say one of the kids you are babysitting keeps asking you to do things for him such as making his bed, giving him ice cream, or even coloring with him; you can only do SOME of the things they are asking for. If you know the kids well enough to know their interests, do little things they enjoy to bring euphoria to them. In some cases, a…show more content…
Be benevolent. Once again, being too kind might lead to them taking advantage of you. Make sure when to limit yourself. For example, if the youngsters cause resounding noises, tell them generously to keep it down, do not yell at them. Be prudent. If the kids want to something that sounds fun, think things through and make sure it is safe. You do not want someone getting hurt because it was your responsibility to watch out for them. Be astute. Even with the children’s respect, they will not always pay attention to you when you command them to do something, so think fast and use whatever knowledge you have to convince them to listen to you. Usually saying you will call their parents is the trick, but not always. Being benevolent, prudent and astute is the biggest key to being an outstanding babysitter. To clarify, this step is not the final step, but it is without a doubt the most important. You have to make sure you act upon these three characteristics the whole shift for a guaranteed much rather simple

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