Two Kinds By Amy Tan Essay

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Every parent in the world tries to give his or her child the best life he or she can ever get. In many ways, Se Yuan Woo appears to play the part of the stereotypical Asian parent in Amy Tan’s Two Kinds. She forces her daughter, Jing Mei, to try different things to make her become famous. Her eagerness to make Jing Mei try different things to become famous might have been the result of her difficult life when she was in Jing Mei’s age, so Jing Mei will not experience that kind of life that she had gone through when she was in China. In addition, it could also be her dreams when she was younger; to become famous. And also, her actions toward Jing Mei to make her a prodigy and become famous could have been her reactions to her other friends from the lucky club to cover up her ego. However, at the end of the story, it reveals that she is just like one of the mothers out there who cares a lot about her child’s future.…show more content…
She believes that you could be anything you wanted to be in America. She lays all of her hopes in America after she had lost everything in China; her parents, her first husband, and her first two daughters (twins). However, she never regret any single thing that had happened to her, it appears that it became a lesson for her to become a stronger woman .It could be the reason why she wanted her Asian – American daughter to become a prodigy, so Jing Mei can have a lot of choices to do in the future. The fact that Se Yuan forces Jing Mei to become famous, does not make her a less interesting character; instead her eagerness to make her daughter become famous make her character more interesting and leaves a mystery why she had to force her daughter to try many things that her daughter is not interested at all. We all know that every parent in the world wants the best for their children just like Se Yuan Woo. However, not all parents force their children to do things against their
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