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Literary Analysis of Two Kinds by Amy Tan Two Kinds is a short story by Amy Tan in the book The Joy Luck Club. Tan writes about the intricacy of a daughter and a mother relationship who migrated from China to America. The short story is about a Chinese-American girl named Jing-mei. Jing-mei lived in American and her mother believed that, as long as one lives in America, he/she can be anything she could ever wish to be and therefore, she was working hard to find her daughter’s talent. Jing-mei’s mother constantly tests her daughter for any talent, but any time she tries, no talent is found. The lack of talent stressed both Jing-mei and her mother and she decided never to try to have any talent because she felt disappointed in herself. Jing-mei mother wanted her daughter to become a musical prodigy, but her aspirations were thwarted by her daughter. Two Kinds is a story that explains Amy Tan’s childhood as a Chinese immigrant being molded into an American girl. She talks of how she was forced to take piano lessons in order to meet the American dream of becoming successful in the "the promise land." It was after he mother saw…show more content…
The author uses the piano to symbolize a mother’s desire to give her daughter a bright future. The antagonist was convinced that her daughter had a talent and that she could help her nurture the talent and become a better person in America. In addition, the piano symbolizes the Jing-mei’s deception to both her mother and her teacher by making them deem that she was working hard in her piano lessons, yet she was just pretending and not practicing anything. She deceived them for along time without them realizing. In addition, the piano represents Jing-mei’s mother who insisted on making her daughter famous. Moreover, there are the two songs which symbolize the two kinds of daughters her mother was talking about in the story, the obedient and the pleading

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