Jimi Hendrix Accomplishments

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Born as Johnny Allen Hendrix, he would come to be one of the greatest musicians to play the guitar and greatest songwriters of all time. After a couple of years later, he decided to change his name to James Marshall Hendrix, but would be better recognized by the name of Jimi Hendrix. At a very young age, it was clear that Jimi was incredibly talented at playing the guitar and it was evident that he would soon be able to pursue a future in doing what he loved the most, which was playing the electric guitar. Jimi Hendrix became a very famous musical figure by the 60s. In 1969, he performed at an outdoor concert at the Woodstock festival, which was a pop culture event that hundreds of thousands of people attended. This was such an extravagant festival that was seen as a symbol of peace in the American culture. Jimi Hendrix closed on the last day of the three-day festival and performed many great songs. After watching one…show more content…
All the elements of music combined with the harmony of a song determine how one perceives the music that they are listening to. Rhythm, for example, is an essential element of music, which makes a great impact in how music is perceived. Throughout Jimi’s performance, we see how rhythm places an enormous role. He is able to jam out and rock on due to the rhythm of his song. He shows us this through his expressions as he strokes his electric guitar and then goes on to sing. As I watched his performance, I felt that the color red and orange could describe his emotions as he played his guitar because it was as if he was on fire, literally. When he sang and poured his words, I felt as if blue would best describe these moments the most. Throughout his entire performance, I felt that the texture was very rich for the most part because all the musicians were able to express their feelings through their particular instruments. The texture thinned out when Jimi began to sing his part in the

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