How Is Courage Shown In Macbeth

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Courage is the ability to overcome an obstacle that frightens one with confidence, bravery and composure. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, fear is a common emotion seen throughout the play to determine the fate of Scotland’s people. It is the appearance of fear that enables the characters of Malcolm, Macbeth, and Macduff to act courageously in spite of their frightening opponents. Shakespeare uses the idea of “without fear there cannot be courage” to develop these characters into brave, honest, and trustworthy men to ultimately create the ideal outcome of the play. Similar to Nelson Mandela’s quote, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it-“ the three men display their honour of courage only as a result of the evoked agitation, fear, and anxiety they feel.…show more content…
In Act 4 scene 3, Malcolm reveals his fear of trusting others with regard to the upcoming raid against Macbeth. “Devilish Macbeth/ By many of these trains hath sought to win me/ Into his power, and modest wisdom plucks me/ From over credulous haste.” His fear is evident in this quote as he explains his hesitance to trust others due to his previous encounter with tricks and scams from Macbeth. This agitation causes his drive to lead the army into Macbeth’s castle as a form of both revenge and hatred. He is willing to put his life of the line for a greater outcome for Scotland. This courage is what Shakespeare added to grasp a heroic characteristic in those who may not seem as heroes. “The person who I really am is ready to serve you and our poor country.” The fear of both his trust and fate of Scotland is proved in this quote, as he reveals his desire to save both his people and country from Macbeth. As a result, Malcolm is evidently a character that displays courage only as an ability evoked from

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