Jimi Hendrix Major Accomplishments

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Is there fame beyond the grave? For rock icon Jimi Hendrix there is. Hendrix won the hearts of millions all around the world by becoming one of the most influential electric guitar players of all time. After his humble beginnings as a back up performer, people recognized Jimi had something special about him. While still on tour, his life became short-lived as he died at the young age of twenty-seven. Still, his popularity increased even after the time of his death. Hendrix fans were disappointed that such a legend would disappear from the radio stations and concert stages. Magazines started recognizing his greatness and even some of his unreleased songs have been released to the public with great appreciation. This was a global phenomenon because…show more content…
27, 1942 when Johnny Allen Hendrix was born. Later, he changed his name legally to James Marshall Hendrix. His mother’s name was Lucille and she was only seventeen years old when she had Jimi (Singer...). Lucille drank and left home frequently for long periods of time. Jimi’s father was a tremendous jazz dancer and worked numerous jobs like landscaping to support his children (Encyclopedia...). His name was Al and he had two more children with Lucille, Leon and Joseph (Singer...). Al eventually divorced Lucille in 1951 and won custody, but Jimi always had a special place in his heart for his beloved mother. Al and Al’s mother raised Jimi and his siblings (Encyclopedia...). Lucille eventually died in…show more content…
Then he formed the King Kasuals and played in Nashville, Tennessee (Encyclopedia...). Jimi obtained more popularity later when he formed the Jimmy James and the Blue Flames and played at New York City’s Greenwich Village neighborhood, where he drew much attention. One person from whom Jimi received attention from was the famous Chas Chandler who was a member of the Animals. Chas wanted to become Jimi’s manager and achieved this goal. Chas convinced Jimi to go to London to tour, where he would meet Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell to create The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Singer...). Then Jimi touched down onto British soil on Sat. 24, 1966 to later create legendary art (12 Things...). The Experience released its first single “Hey Joe,” “Purple Haze,” and “The Wind Cried Mary” that hit the charts in Britain. While touring, the band made its first album “Are You Experienced?” After his tour ended in 1967, he won over American fans at the Monterey Pop Festival the same year when he lit his guitar on fire

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