Disability In The Station Agent Movie

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When watching a movie it can be entertaining and informative. Some movies can be critically acclaimed for the action and some for their writing. So when a movie focuses on the topic of disability it can be a tough subject even for critically acclaimed movies. One movie that has successfully comprehensibly detailed it subject on a disability is that of The Station Agent. The Station Agent synopsis is about a person who moves to state but is made fun of because f his disability. Now with that being said this movie not only portrays the disability that the main characters has it in an astounding way the movie also shows us some of the most complex psychosocial issues that anyone will go though in their lives. In addition the Station Agent that…show more content…
As the movie continues we can see several children laughing at him because he is different. However as the movie continues we see that Phin is hanging out with a fellow co-worker in which both of them are laughing and drinking together. During this time in the movie we can see determine that Phin has been made fun several times but not in till he lets people into his life that he can be his true self. When Phin comes in the next morning to go to work in which he is very detailed he hears a boom. During this time he walks out to discover his friend dead on the floor. Phin calls the police and gets with a lawyer to discuss what the next step is going to be. At this time the lawyer explains to Phin that his coworker has left him a house in a small town and this idea is very intriguing to Phin. With the first fifth teen to twenty minutes of the movie it has portrayed the disability of dwarfism in a very truthful way in how people who don’t accept others for the person they are will tend to not to fully understand what it is like to be different from others. From the children making fun of Phin since they did not know about his disability to Phin being friends with his co-worker since he accepted him as the person he really is. As the movie counties to Phin life in a new town we discover that there are several psychosocial issues that Phin faces every day and in addition to that we discovers other characters that will face that an average person eventually face in their own

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