How Did Jimi Hendrix Develop

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Jimi Hendrix was an artist/ musician that discovered new sounds and effects on the guitar; the main effect being distortion, which inspired many musicians to use his technique and it also changed aspects of recording and live performances as he made more electronic sound with the effects that he used- which fit the psychedelic genre. At this time, Pop music was changing alongside the development of new technology of new effects of the time- such as digital reverberation. Reverb chamber sound became popular- caused by a number of echoes one after the other which laid the basis of most Motown records. It is distinctly evident in Pop music of the time (Motown);-(which emerged short after the Civil Rights Movement). Motown is music that combines rnb style instrumentation, gospel rhythms and modern complex harmony with digital synthesizers). Examples of…show more content…
Sampling became a popular way of recording music, and recording much simpler structured songs were popular so that they were more memorable and easy to dance to; for example the disco genre has simple melody and rhythm and it repetitive. The Pop music of this decade was Disco (popular to dance to and mainly used electronic synthesizers and instruments which changed the overall style of the music at the time for example- on many glam rock tracks- a new crunching guitar was stylistically what made this genre so unique and it was evident that the technology was making a big impact on the direction music was going; for example: the use of digital synthesizers, melodic ideas, a constant beat and rhythm, which is mainly soul influenced). “Disco fused different musical styles such as African, R & B, Latin, Jazz and even Classical into an undeniable force which brought together people of different races, ethnicities and sexual

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