Jay Gatsby Identity

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Jay Gatsby’s Struggle for identity in The Great Gatsby There are various mediums through which the characters in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby cultivate their identities. The notion of identity is not associated with constancy rather it is obscure and fluid. This theme is explored more significantly in the central character of the novel. Jay Gatsby tries to escape his specified identity as an oppressed poverty-stricken farm boy in order to climb the social status which for him is autocratic and an ambition. Ch he strives for an aspirational identity which he thinks is essential to give meaning to his life. But it is an identity that he does not fit and is the cause of his eventual downfall. Gatsby’s idea justification of identity is transformed throughout the novel.…show more content…
Gatsby’s identity is shrouded in mysteries and rumors. People speculate and come with different stories about his past. When Nick Caraway is first invited to one of Gatsby’s parties he finds that no one can tell him who Gatsby is. Someone says that he has killed a man, another that he was a German spy, Jordan Baker recalls his improbable claim that he was “an Oxford man.” In the library marveling at the books “a stout middle aged man, with enormous owl-eyed spectacles” calls Gatsby “a regular
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