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Be Who You Are Composition Theme Paper by: Hunter Kjose Having wealth and popularity is often used by a person to cover up their true temperament. This is shown quite a bit in “The Great Gatsby” with the main characters. This is why I chose this as my theme: some people will use their wealth and power to cover up who they actually are. I feel that it describes the key points in the book along with how the characters act. In the book, Jay Gatsby is known for his big, extravagant parties. Gatsby uses these parties to enhance his popularity. Nobody actually personally knows Jay Gatsby though. Gatsby uses his wealth and popularity to cover up who he really is deep down inside. This is shown when Jordon was talking about Jay Gatsby, “Well, he told me once he was an Oxford man.” A dim background started to take shape behind him…” “…anyhow, he gives large parties,” (page 49). This just shows how little others know about Gatsby. This also shows us a glimpse of the mystical past that Jay Gatsby has.…show more content…
When Tom Buchanan, Jay Gatsby, and Daisy are arguing about who Daisy loved Tom says to Jay…”You’ve been seeing this fellow for five years?” “Not seeing,” said Gatsby. “No, we couldn’t meet. But both of us loved each other all the time” (page 131). Gatsby says that Daisy never really loved Tom and that she has only loved himself all along. He said that Daisy only marries Tom because she was poor and tired of waiting for Gatsby. This shows how important wealth is to the characters of this book and in this case to Daisy. This fits my theme because it is shown that Daisy married Tom for his money and not because she truly loved him. Wealth was important to Daisy to cover up who she really is as a person. Because Daisy is not as great as a person as everyone

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