Whaling Persuasive Essay

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Although whaling has been a highly commercial and profitable venture since the 1600’s , it has started to affect nature as some of the whales species are in the risk of being critically endangered. Because of this endangered status, many nations believe that this is an unacceptable custom and have been trying to end further practicing of it. It is only in the last few decades that the world finally joined forces to try and stop this practice once and for all. While whaling does have some very important custodian beliefs, many people are quick to point out that the sheer amount of whales being killed can’t possibly be justified by custodian beliefs. Whaling has been a controversial issue from day one. Those for whaling believe that it is a…show more content…
As individuals, we must respect each other’s beliefs and who they are as a person. The main defence of whaling is that it’s a custodian right and it shouldn’t be taken away by others who aren’t personally affected. For activists whaling goes beyond societal beliefs, as animals deserve the same right to exist in peace as humans do. Solidarity brings about the belief that we are all one family and that we are obligated to promote the rights of all people, irrespective of borders and personal beliefs. The principle ‘promotion of peace’ mainly refers to the International Whaling Commission as they are the ones who are finding ways to make peace between the countries with this issue. While it is important that each of the opposing sides want peace, the fact that they can’t come together and agree on something doesn’t quite promote peace. The IWC is in charge of making sure both opposing views, as chaotic as they are, can find a peaceful way to coexist. Principally, it’s nearly impossible for the two sides to agree, the IWC is still an important stakeholder in the

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