Examples Of America In The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby as America Gatsby’s fabricated life resembles greatly the kitsch view of America’s “American Dream” that promised happiness in the New World. When James Gatz invents Jay Gatsby, he deceives a grand life where he has inherited his fortune, gone abroad for schooling, and speaks, as well as acts as a wiser, older person. Similarly, America was founded on the idea that Britain, the Motherland, needed to be forgotten, and that a new identity, America, needed to be established. Inherited fortune, Gatsby lies, is to blame for his extensive amount of money; but in reality he is a bootlegger that has found the business of illegality prosperous. America, equivalently, did not inherit its money; it earned it through the business of slavery which was…show more content…
America, Gatsby, equivocates the truth—that British people around the world acquired a new identity through honest hard-work in America. Gatsby, just as America, lies about this because his life is the ‘ideal’ life and he does not want to render anything less. Gatsby was “educated at Oxford” (65), or so he first tells Nick in order to be viewed as a first-class citizen. America is now run by numerous lawyers and elitists, even though the foundation of America was predominantly made up of militiamen that were uneducated. Now the American opinion of who can run a country smoothly is the elite. Just as no one would believe that a now-rich and educated Gatsby was created by a then-poor seventeen-year-old Gatz, American people do not believe that a country as grand as America would be established by common people as themselves. In Edwin Fussell’s “Fitzgerald’s Brave New World” he

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