Jane Eyre Tone

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‘I’m trapped and I can’t get out’! is the way that Charlotte Bronte makes Jane Eyre feel throughout the novel. Charlotte Bronte shows in the Victorian Era the treatment of the people in those days and comparing it to today’s society is completely different through the story of Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre is a woman that has a sense of imprisonment from her younger years to her older years by showing it through the point of view and the tone. As Jane was a child living in the Gateshead Hall, she felt imprisoned because of the way that the family treated her. This is shown through the point of view. Mrs. Reed, Jane’s aunt, did not like Jane at all. Mrs. Reed treated Jane as a maid rather than her own niece. The family locked her in the red room when…show more content…
The tone is one of the most important terms in this novel because of the way the characters speak can change the way that we view the plotline and story. Each character has their own kind of personality and this is shown when each of the characters talk and show their true sides. The tone of the novel is said to be a very sad one and I can agree wholeheartedly. The reason is the way that Mrs. Reed and even Mr. Rochester talk to Jane Eyre with a tone of disgust is the fact that they are temperamental and have a mutual dislike of Jane Eyre. Jane finally, at one point, got fed up and back talks to Mrs. Reed. Jane yells out to Miss Abbot and Bessie, “Master! How is he my master? Am I a servant?” (Bronte 11). With this quote you are able to see how Jane Eyre feels like she is imprisoned in her own home. In addition, she gets thrown into the Red Room by the 2 women. She is locked in there to be by herself which is where she feels alone and without a sense of belonging. As you are able to see Jane was pushed to her limit and finally retaliated and you are able to see this through the tone of her voice through the
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