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Jane Eyre – An Uncommon Heroine Often times, failing to meet the standards of the society leads to deep despair, and abandonment of the reality. Jane Eyre from the novel Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Bronte, also had many criteria where she did meet the social standards of her time, as she was not physically attractive and she was a female at the time women was not granted the same social standard as men. However, despite all these restrictions of the society, Jane Eyre faced against many suppressing standards of the society, and successfully achieved her true happiness. Although outer beauty was one of the important standards of human society, Jane Eyre did not get discouraged over her lack of beauty; instead, she developed her own inner…show more content…
And it seemed like Jane who was not so impressively beautiful had significant disadvantages against several beautiful women such as Bertha Mason, Georgiana Reed and Blanche Ingram who developed a conflicting relationship with Jane. For example, at first, Blanche Ingram seemed to have advantage on attracting Mr. Rochester, who Jane also had her heart on, with her physical beauty. However, instead of despairing over her lack of outer appearance, Jane patiently showed Mr. Rochester her educated, intelligent and gentle behavior. By doing so, she could attract Mr. Rochester in a way that was much profound, and effective than Ingram’s simple appearances. Jane could have easily fallen into the path that Eliza Reed had taken, which was exposing her dissatisfaction of her own appearances in the form of the jealousy. Eliza Reed’s sister, Georgiana Reed had stunning appearance and Eliza was always jealous of her own sister. In fact Eliza’s jealousy grew to the point where Eliza disturbed Georgiana’s relationship with a rich man and prevented them from marrying because Eliza was jealous of her sister marrying a rich guy which…show more content…
Jane refused to be a common woman who becomes affiliated with her husband once after the marriage. This is the one of the reasons why she neglected Mr. Rochester’s proposal to become his mistress. Although she was in passionate love with Mr. Rochester, Jane did not want to be wholly influenced under the husband, although that was reasonably normal in her society at the time. She had another chance of marrying a guy at the moor house with St.John, but she refused the opportunity because she could not stand herself being restricted by the marriage, although that was a typical life that most of the women had at the time. Jane’s true happiness comes only after she was economically free by her uncle’s inheritance and as Mr. Rochester becomes dependent on her because of his injury. By holding on to and following her belief of life, Jane was able to escape from average women’s standard of life and form a desired marital relationship where both wife and a husband are dependent of each other. Jane did not abide by the typical standards, and that eventually allowed her to gain what she longed

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