Jane Eyre And Frankenstein Comparison Essay

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Similar Elements, Different Characters: A Comparison Between Frankenstein and Jane Eyre Authors usually write about ideas or events that happen during their lives, resulting in books with similar ideas and elements. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre were both written during the Romantic Era, and both authors incorporate the ideas of Romanticism in their stories by using gothic elements, which are common literary devices used in the early 19th century. In addition, the two novels portray social outcasts who are lonely and try to seek acceptance from others, but even though the characters try to conform, they have different opinions about it. While Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre both utilize…show more content…
Both Frankenstein and Jane Eyre employ gothic elements, which include the supernatural, remote settings and ominous omens. In Frankenstein, Mary Shelly uses the supernatural by having Victor sew portions of corpses together to create a paranormal being with “yellow skin, …[a] shriveled complexion, and straight black lips” (Shelly, 50). Victor’s creation not only brings forth the supernatural element, but also creates the impending doom as it slowly murders Victor’s family and friends. Gothic novels are usually set in isolated settings, and in Frankenstein, Victor secretly creates his monster in his secluded apartment and creates a mate for his creature in a “remote part of Scotland…in solitude”(Shelly, 166). This exemplifies the use of Gothic elements because the setting instills fear, as Victor is alone, foreshadowing that supernatural events will occur. Ominous omens are common in gothic novels, and Victor receives an omen when he witnesses an oak tree get “utterly destroyed”(Shelly, 32) by lightning, showing the destructive nature of science. Soon after, Victor uses electricity to complete his creature, and whenever Victor sees his

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