Preston Tucker's Innovative Ideas

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Preston Tucker was one of the best automobile entrepreneurs of his time. He came up with many creative ideas that gave him great success. His first great innovation was the turrets that he designed to put on top of military grade cars for use in the war. The concept was to have a bullet proof 360 degree rotating gun dome so that the man inside of it will be able to fire from the top of the car. His idea was very successful and became very popular at that time, this concept is still used today by militaries around the world. Tucker was successful due to his innovative ideas, willingness to be different and unique, and not allowing change to his original ideas. Ultimately Preston Tucker should be considered successful because of the impact he has on the way our cars are made today. Without his idea of making the “Tucker Car” the car industry might not have been able to evolve cars into what they have become. His concepts of having safety come first are really important to our society because according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration more than 35,000 people in America alone died from car crashes. If we did not have the safety features that Tucker introduced from his cars such as the seat belt, plexiglass and cars that are not made out of all metal this number would have…show more content…
This comes from the court case that happened at the end of the movie. It symbolizes Tucker being able to conquer the “Big Three” empire that was portrayed to be untouchable. This is significant because it showed how a smaller and less recognized business can still be able to compete with big businesses that have way more assets and business. The big three in this movie ( General Motors, Ford, Chevrolet) were made out to be the bad guys in the movie by ultimately trying to take Tucker’s ideas and take over his business. In the end Tucker wins the people’s vote and exposes the big three and the bad things they

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