Goldeneye: Stereotypes In James Bond Film

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2.4 Goldeneye Since Goldeneye mainly takes place during the time after the UDSSR collapsed most stereotypes are targeting the Russians. It begins with James Bond and his fellow college being attacked as they invade one of the Russian headquarters. Right at the beginning the Russians are portrayed as heartless and pugnacious as a large amount of Russian army men are shown during the opening sequence they show no hesitance to shoot James Bond and his companion. The Russian military is said always covers up affairs concerning them, in Goldeneye an example is given, after an outer post is attacked and an important item is stolen by the Russian military itself the head of Russia’s aerospace administration dissimulate the happenings, during a conference,…show more content…
Even Miss Money Penny gets a makeover. She changes her ethnic from an average Caucasian woman in e.g. Dr. No to a black woman in Skyfall. Miss Moneypenny changes a lot of her characteristics. Not only does Miss Moneypenny have a significantly darker skin color as mentioned before she also wears her hair natural, meaning she doesn’t have her hair straightened but shows her natural curls. During the beginning of the movie Miss Moneypenny is assigned with field work such as helping James Bond during a mission. This shows how Miss Money penny is put on the same level as James Bond despite her ethnic background, in former movies the actress would have received more unimportant roles such as sleeping with James Bond or to look good for 5 minutes of the movie followed by death. Miss Moneypenny exudes power as she shaves James Bond during the movie in his hotel room. She crosses his personal distance as she draws her face close to his as she holds an open razor to his throat. Here she shows her dominance and that if she would, she could slice his throat without hesitating which gives her the image of someone who could kill if she liked to. The same scene shows her affection towards James Bond and that she enjoys toying with him giving her

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