James Bond: An Epic Hero

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“The names Bond, James Bond.” A catch phrase reserved specifically for one man and one man only, that man being, if you have not figured it out yet, James Bond. If one has ever seen any of the James Bond films or read any of the numerous James Bond novels, the second we hear that line spoken our minds immediately imagine the same images. We imagine a tall handsome man dressed in a sharp black suit and bowtie, maneuvering himself in a very suave manner, a martini cocktail in one hand (shaken not stirred), with a woman by his side. At the same time one person is imaging James Bond as a sophisticated smooth operator, a different person could be imaging him as a bloodthirsty, gun wielding man in a torn suit ragged from action. Lacerations, and…show more content…
These two images do an excellent job of summarizing the specific characteristics of not only James Bond, but also an epic hero. James Bond is an epic hero because he is a charming, elegant, confident man, who at the same time possesses an urge to put his life on the line for his country and the rest of the population in order to make the world a better place, making him the Epic hero that which is James Bond. One of the main characteristics of an epic hero is the characteristic of courage, not being afraid to put oneself in danger in order to complete the task. If one were to go through every James Bond movie or novel, he/she would notice that each one consists of a very similar scenario. The reoccurring scenario that one would notice is James Bond, having to put his life on the line in order to put an end to the protagonist of the movie/book. Since James Bond is a man of courage and loyalty toward his country and the people he vows to serve and…show more content…
Strength can be a physical trait, but it could also be mental strength or the will to carry on when thing are not going owns way. As stated earlier, James Bond’s determination to complete a task is next to none, exemplifying his strength to carry on. To further exemplify his ability to carry on when times get rough think of all the obstacles that James Bond encounters during his mission, obstacles that to most are unconquerable. However, to Bond every challenge can be overcome and this is supported by the fact that Bond has completed numerous missions without ever failing. However, James Bond strength is not limited to only his determination, he also possess unthinkable mental and physical strength. Yes, we all now Bond is notorious for using guns to complete missions, but there are also many times where that option does not exist and he must resort to hand to hand combat. Even when he does not have a gun, he is able to overcome his enemies by overpowering them with his physical strength or using unusual objects in order to defeat his enemies. This also demonstrates the amount of mental strength James Bond has because it shows how smart he really is in situations of danger. The ability to think of unusual ways to overcome a foe, instead of using typical firearms, takes a large amount of smartness. In addition, there are numerous times when Bond is caught in a situation where he is taken hostage or trapped.

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