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LARRY PAGE AS A LEADER Name Professor Institution Course Date Larry Page As A Leader Introduction Leadership is being in charge while leading is more about dominance within a particular population. According to Greeks, leadership was hereditary and persons from the royal family were believed to posses charisma. Greeks understood charisma as divine power given by their gods, to leaders who were a choice of the gods. Another common theory is that leadership is a characteristic necessary for a person in charge to guide his subordinates to achieve set goals and objectives. Leadership style of a person greatly depends on the personality of an individual. There are several types of leadership, among them democratic leadership,…show more content…
Democratic leaders lean more towards the socialized power motive. Aristocracy involves monarchs participating in leadership process. Dictators are such leaders who impose rule without regards of the people who should submit to those rules and guidelines. Laissez-faire leadership in leadership where the person in charge does not participate in decision-making and subordinate employees` cater for all responsibilities. The paper discusses the character of Larry Page as well as evaluating his leadership traits. In this case, this paper positions Larry in the appropriate leadership bracket where he deserves based on the qualities and principles that guide him towards founding and succeeding his leadership. According to Berniker, (2015) Larry Lawrence Page an American citizen by birth is the current chief executive officer of Google incorporation. He is a co founder of Google and has led it to achieve a position fifty-five among the fortune five hundred companies. Larry Page is an extra ordinary leader who conceptualized internet download and so to it that his idea became reality. He embraces democratic…show more content…
In comparison to shy persons who may keep their opinions to themselves, a self-confident person is able to speak as an authoritative individual in a field and inspires his audience. Larry moves people’s lives by inspiring his listeners in forums and speeches. He is not afraid to speak his mind about what can be improved and what actions should gain credit. It is evidently true that Larry page as a leader has the leadership traits that make a successful person. He is a believer is democracy, confident, moderately funny, resilient, analytically intelligent, future oriented and has a strong internal focus. He owes his success to good management, innovative ideology, brilliance, and

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