Is Beowulf A Good Role Model Or Not?

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Beowulf: Role Model or not? What does it take to be a role model? Do someone have to be intelligent to be a role model? Does Beowulf have the characteristics to be a good role model? In this Anglo-Saxon poem, Beowulf, there is a very controversial opinions on if Beowulf portrays a good role model or not. Beowulf is almost superhuman. Even though Beowulf might not have the most common sense he has super strength and outrageous fighting abilities and skills. As Beowulf fights and slaughters barbaric, villainous beasts and demons, you would think that he would be considered an amazing role model. A great deal of people do not think so. I disagree. Beowulf has the characteristics to be considered a great role model and someone whom one should look up to.…show more content…
This quote represents strength and skill. By stating this, Beowulf, is challenging Grendel, a giant like monster, to a fight that acquire only hand-to-hand fighting. Beowulf then makes his battle against this enormous monster more than a simple slay-the-monster task. It takes a large skills and strength to fight and destroy a monster of such magnitude and Beowulf was the one to do so. This is just one of many reasons Beowulf is one whom should look up to as a role

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