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Beowulf remains one of the most important pieces of literature from the Old English period that still survives today while much has changed over the centuries, such notions as nobility and honor. One of the most notable values we can find on Beowulf is the heroic code. The primary focus of Beowulf is on the heroic status of the character and how the character evolves into a hero. Over the course of the poem, Beowulf learns that it is not all about being the strongest warrior, but being a good and humble leader. This shows that sometimes-conflicting values go along with each other. Even though there is other ideas in Beowulf about character roles, but the heroism that goes against Christianity go hand in hand because these ideas go together to change the decisions of the characters. In Germanic society in which Beowulf is set, certain sets of values define a hero as a noble person. The heroic code had to be followed by every warrior, it was a code with certain details you had to follow to be considered a good warrior and it was very important in the Anglo-Saxon period. During this time, the heroic code was very strict and they couldn’t be ignored because if the warriors ignored them, they would face severe consequences, sometimes as severe as exile or even execution. Heroic culture revolved…show more content…
Beowulf demonstrates by showing signs of loyalty and respect. Instead of taking the Thorne for himself, he understands the advantage for waiting until it is given to him. This act of modesty demonstrates his potential as a king. At the end of the poem Beowulf is the new king and acts for the better of his people. Before his death at the end of the poem he is faced with a decision: either save his life or save his people his choice demonstrates the commitment he has to his people and in death leaves his fortune. Even though his people are left without a king, Seamus Heaney

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