Ayn Rand's Anthem As A Dystopia

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Laken Doty October 7,2015 P.3 English Pre-Ap Anthem Dystopia Essay “An imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad” this is the definition of a dystopia. Equality 7-5251 is a character in the book where he discovers, that he is better by himself then apart of society. As in society itself in the novel Anthem the community is sad, in fear, and not free to be themselves, especially Equality 7-5251, this causes Anthem to be a dystopia, and Equality 7-5251 to be a dystopian character. Anthem is qualified as a dystopian, because the author believed against the government. Anthem is also considered a dystopian fiction because of how their society function where they have to listen to a “higher” group of people that controls their life from their jobs all the way to their love lives. For example in their love lives they have a matting night, so any interaction with the opposite sex, besides that night is against their law. Another example of how they control their jobs is that the boys go to school, and afterschool based on their knowledge they are put into categories. The…show more content…
Even as Equality 7-5251 struggles against the tyrannical system that seeks to erase individuality. He creates electricity and shows the council, as the shun him because they are afraid of the light bulb that he invents. Equality 7-5251 realizes throughout the novel that he is better by himself then apart of society. Equality 7-5251 questioned his government and felt trapped, because of the unfair laws that the government has made. Equality 7-5251 is a kind of exceptional guy who's able to do more on his own than the combined forces of all the rest of humanity. He discovers electricity, from wire on a frog. By the end of the novel he ends up writing impassioned philosophical anthems, based off the meaning of

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