Heroes In Beowulf

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Gloria Rios English 12th Mr. Piper October 6th, 2015 Heroes In the novel Beowulf we encounter with a significant amount of power. This power comes from people considered heroes. As we know heroes are known typical to have integrity, loyalty, courage, strength, bravery and many other important aspects. Also, using weapons make them strong and powerful for fighting against enemies, but sometimes their strength is their most important sword. In Beowulf we encounter with scenes that without the use of weapons it can become a failure. The weapons are very important part of a hero, the essential success for them. In Beowulf, the weapons they used were essential for them to fight against enemies or monsters, but in some cases swords are not very…show more content…
Integrity is doing things that are right for either you and others. Heroes considered to have integrity. To do what is right to help, safe and conquer the bad. Heroes can be known to be role models. Someone that you want to grow up being like him or her. Also, Heroes wants best for society, as Beowulf wants best for his people. He fights against powerful and dark monsters. As for him, after fighting against Grendel the queen without praises him for defeating the monster and to always remember his sons stating "Be acclaimed for strength, for kindly guidance to these two boys, and your bounty will be surer." (Lines 1219-1220) This link explains how Beowulf is seen by his courage. Many of the Anglo-Saxon citizens praise him for his acts. As for the end he dies to kill the dragon, for his people. Making the town safer and reliable for everyone there. In the novel Beowulf stated that the people saw Beowulf as "Nor have I seen a mightier man-at-arms on this earth than the one standing here: unless I am mistaken, he is truly noble. This is no mere hanger-on in a hero's armour." (Lines 244-251) Stating that since the beginning he was seen as a nobleman Also, many heroes use their activities to achieve fame or have a good reputation. Reputation in Beowulf is seeing big because he uses it for the protection of his people, but most important to settle dispute. For example; Beowulf defeat of Grendel shows how remarkable and courageous person he is. He decided not to use a weapon which sounds very selfish or for his reputation, but it actually worked. Making him become known even more brave than he was seen
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