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Beowulf Today When reading modern literature, one cannot help to think about what gave the author the ideas that are expressed in the piece. Some may come from their own thoughts or opinions but most modern pieces, however, pull from very old ideas and follow a certain framework laid many years prior. Many medieval dramas are examples of this because Beowulf has created a theme that transcends ethnic and geographic boundaries as well as time in order to still have a voice today. The story of Beowulf takes place in sixth century Denmark. The origin of the Geats, Beowulf’s tribe, cannot be pinpointed with certainty. However, there is evidence of Beowulf’s king, Hygelac, being a real person, giving the story some historical grounding (Stitt).…show more content…
Battles were seen as heroic and honorable events and combat was used to settle feuds and disputes in everyday life (“Beowulf”). These ideas in the culture of the people are undoubtedly supported in Beowulf as it was passed on orally centuries ago. When Beowulf was first written down, it was done so by scops, or medieval poets (“Beowulf”). These scops were the key to recording literature in this era. Scops were able to, and often did, travel to many places, spreading this poem and many others around the country. It was originally the job of the scops to make this poem memorable, and they…show more content…
The concept of a hero was a large part of the culture in the time Beowulf was written. Many stories were created at this time with very similar design, all with a hero to save the day. Chiefly, this hero had to be courageous and faithful to his followers and kin. Beowulf was exactly that. He displays courage and fearlessness in all three of his battles. In his final battle with the dragon, however, a new courage is shown. Beowulf willingly lays down his life in order to defeat the dragon terrorizing his kingdom (Campbell). Even in Beowulf’s death, he is praised by all his followers and kin for his deeds, which is his payment for always being faithful to them in his life. This classic hero was very important at the time and is a large reason this poem has gained such high levels of acclaim and has lasted to this

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