Irony In The Pardoner's Tale

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Did you know Geoffrey Chaucer was first to be buried in Westminster Abbey's Poet's Corner? He is also named after a lunar impact crater it is located on the west of walled plain Hertz sprung, on that far side of the moon. Geoffrey Chaucer used a lot of personification, irony and verbal irony in The Pardoners Tale. Death killed thousands of people in the present plague and he kept himself hidden. He killed many people in the Present Plague and was going for more. Three men have deiced they had to put a stop to all the deaths that were happening before he got to their village. They said they were going to kill death and have a stop to his disaster. As the three men traveled to hunt down Death, they seek a tree and under the tree was a humongous amount of gold coins. They were all joyful about their find. As one of the men, decided to go get wine and bread for their celebration. As he glided to get the bread he thought to himself he would be wealthier if he had got rid of the other two men so he went and got poison to mix in with the wine. The youngest went to do that the other two men were plotting to kill him when he returns.…show more content…
As the youngest men, passed the drinks to the men one of the men attack him while handing out the bread. One of the oldest men killed him as they laughed and drank the wine and began to feel weak as they fell down to their death. No one had stayed to keep the gold, and they all died trying to be the wealthy ones and keep the gold to themselves. Death had won the battle of the three men who tried to stop him from his mission. Death will keep doing what he does and stay around as long as he wants. He was watching the whole time as the conflict was happening, as it ended he reappeared and laughed about the men trying to stop him, which he knows that nobody will be able to stop him no matter how hard they
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