Medieval Estates Satire

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“Medieval Estates Satire is a genre that depicts various occupations within the three estates of feudalism, in a manner that shows how they fall short from the ideal representation of that occupation.” During medieval society, especially important to the middle ages, there was three estates that traditionally divided the citizens of Europe. While the first estate is the Clergy and the second being Nobility, however it was common for aristocrats to shift from the second to the first estate. As for the third estate consisting of peasantry, they were the lowest of the classes and hardly ever moved estates mainly due to their lack of education. However, in the mid-fourteenth century two new classes had arose, one being the mercantile class and…show more content…
As it is told, this monk does not portray the models of typical monks, “A monk there was, one of the finest sort who rode the country; hunting was his sport” (7). This quote shows that the monk does not bother himself with monastic tradition and instead spends his time enjoying the outdoors and hunting in the country side. The significance in this statement is that the monk should be spending all his time in the church reading but prefers the ways of the world, especially those separate of his monk duties. In addition, the monk proclaimed to be a more modern man and left the teachings of old monks behind, “The Rule of Good St. Benet or St. Maur as old and strict he tended to ignore; He let go by the teachings of yesterday And took the modern world’s more spacious way” (7). St, Benet and St. Maur were old monks who started the monastic movement and this monk in particular has decided to ignore the rules of these holy men and live a more appealing modern life. And these are the founders of the Catholicism movement, it is significant that he would choose to ignore and disregard their rules since it was common for monks of that time to follow them. The life choices of the monk further confirm the notion that this monk, as well as the rest of the medieval church is untrustworthy since they are concerned more about the pleasures of the modern world than the religious teachings of the old

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