The Pardoner In Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

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The Canterbury Tales begin with a group of pilgrims getting ready to go on a journey to Canterbury. During the adventure to Canterbury, the Host started a competition. Whoever told the best story would win. And the prize would be an all-expense paid trip back to the hotel Tabard Inn and a week stay in the hotel. There were multiple contestants that joined this competition. Some contestants were the knight, the monk, the pardoner, and more. The stories told were varied from comedy mixed with misfortune, romance mixed with vulgar storyline, and choices and death. Now, the winner of this competition is one who talked about how money is the root of all-evil and you can’t trust people by the things they say. Even thought this person is a liar and sells fake items, this person is a great storyteller with a great moral to it. The winner is THE PARDONER. The Pardoner is an intelligent fella who uses psychological tricks to con…show more content…
He starts talking about how the three boys listened into someone else’s conversation. They heard how a person or object named Death was killing off people. This made the three boys angry and they decided to find and kill Death. This part of the Pardoner’s story is a great example of ¬¬a metaphor, allusion, imagery, and irony. On there journey to find Death, they come upon an old man who has been waiting for Death to take his life but hasn’t yet. When the boys talked to the old man, they demanded the old man to tell them where Death was. The old ma said that they could find Death by the oak tree. The Pardoner adds a twist to his story. Instead of the three boys finding death, they found a eight bushels of gold coins. Death isn’t a person or object. But many people may see Death as a person. How the Pardoner portrays Death as a person shows a different view and what some people may view Death as and that's the second reason why the Pardoner
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