Cultural Differences In China

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Name: Muhammad Tuaha 15009001061 Section: Topic: CULTURAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PAKISTAN AND China Subject: Introduction to Chinese Language Submitted to: Miss Razia Bano Assignment#1 March 25, 2017 University of Management and Technology, Lahore CULTURAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PAKISTAN AND CHINA Chinese Culture Introduction: The Chinese refer to their country as the Middle Kingdom which indicates how central they have felt themselves to be throughout history. While there are cultural and linguistic variations in different regions, the culture is relatively uniform for such a large country. There are fifty-five minority groups in the more remote regions of the country, which have their own unique cultures,…show more content…
In Beijing and Shandong, there are specialties such as Beijing duck served with pancakes and plum sauce, sweet and sour carp, and bird's nest soup. The cuisine in Shanghai uses liberal amounts of oil and is known for seafood and cold meat dishes. In the Sichuan and Hunan provinces, food is particularly spicy, with shrimp with salt and garlic, frogs' legs, and smoked duck among the popular dishes. The cuisine is the lightest in Canton and Chaozhou, where seafood, vegetables, roast pork and chicken, and steamed fish are served with fried rice. When the communists took control, they overturned the traditional hierarchy endorsed by Confucian philosophy, and professed ideals of a classless society. However, the new system still has an elite and a lower class. Society is divided into two main segments, political leaders, and the peasant masses. According to the Communist Party's philosophy, both classes share the same interests and goals and should function in unison for the common…show more content…
All the provinces of Pakistan have different life style. They spoke different languages, dress up themselves according to their culture and the variety of food makes them unique from others. Thus cultural effect can be seem in their life styles. Sindhi Life Style: Like the people of Punjab, Sindhi spoke Sindhi language that is an ancient language and speaks in most parts of the Pakistan. The people of Sindh wear Sindhi dresses i.e loose kameez and the shalwar and love to eat Sindhi food. In typical Sindhi wedding, the food Is mostly Sindhi mutton,curry,palak uin chnna daal, dil pasand curry. Sindhi people are very initiative to work and their handicrafts have a unique and a different style. Sindhi culture can be seen in Sindhi tablos and shows. Sports that are famous in Sindhi culture includes Malakhiro, kodi kodi,wanjh wati etc. Similarly Sindhi music is unique i.e sufi musik is performed at shrines. Sindhi poetry like the poetry of Shah abdul latif bhattai, Sheikh ayaz, Ustaad bhikhari, Sachal Sarmost is very farmhouse in Pakistan. People of sindh love to wear Sindhi toppi, that is the most eminent feature of sindh culture. Its city Queeta food also had a great demand worldwide. The sindhi people are hardworking, hospitable, open

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