Analysis: A Toast, To Equal Opportunities

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A Toast, to Equal Opportunities Women all around the world have felt oppressed and some still do to this day. Society before and today, influences parents to teach children the “correct” way to behave. For example, “boys don’t cry”. Well why can’t boys cry? Society continues to engage in each and every one of our lives as we continue to grow. We are taught that men are providers and women are nurturing, but what if this can all be equally looked upon socially, economically, and politically? In the light of society, we are told the way to act, dress, talk and etc. The histories of feminist movements are divided into three waves. The second wave allowed and still allows for women to voice their own thoughts. A great example is in…show more content…
Both men and women support the idea, but many have felt criticized and wanted to change this custom thought. The media, especially in the United States, advocates that women stay home or in a field that is woman dominated. For example, do you see more women as beauticians or police officers? Most women decide to pursue a career that is less masculine because of society. In the story, “A Yellow Wallpaper”, the narrator was married to a physician (male dominate field) and she explains the following: “If a physician of high standing, and one’s own husband, assures friends and relatives that there is really nothing the matter with one but temporary nervous depression – a slight hysterical tendency – what is one to do?” (76) The narrator feels trapped. She isn’t allowed to work, write, or step out her room with out her husband, or brother’s permission, which by the way is also a physician with high standing. As a woman, she should be able to work if she pleases to because she has this right. According to the third feminist wave, in the mid-1990’s, women went from staying home, to high heels and pretty dresses. This implemented change has worked out really well throughout the years especially, in the fashion and even business…show more content…
A Feminist and Political Theorist by the name of Carole Pateman argue that, “patriarchal distinction between masculinity and femininity is the political difference between freedom and subjection”. She feels as though biased social systems are unfair to women. Thankfully, the first feminism wave opened opportunities for women such as voting during elections. With hard work and sacrifice, women have fought for their rights of equal pay, owning a house, receiving equal education as men, and receiving protection of their

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