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Our Scripture Reading from Hebrews is an early Christian communal reflection upon who Jesus was, and this reflection is even present in the teachings of most bodies of Christianity, today, including the United Methodist Church. The book of Hebrews tells us that prophets before Jesus expressed a fragment of God’s truth; for example, Amos cried out for social justice; Isaiah grasped the holiness of God; Hosea – the wonder of God’s forgiving love; but, Jesus was different (Daily Bible Study). He was not just another prophet, or another teacher, or another carpenter from Nazareth. Jesus contained God’s truth and glory, and disclosed that truth and glory to the world. Jesus was God’s truth in human flesh, and if you want to know the character of God reflect upon Jesus Christ (Hebrews 1:1-3).…show more content…
Perhaps the question for us is this: What did he do that we can do? There are many things that Jesus did that we cannot do, such at raising the dead or healing others without medical intervention, but think of his character and his way of relating to others. In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus embraced powerless and vulnerable children, and the disciples attempted to drive them away, but because of this Jesus became indignant with the disciples (Mark 10:13-16). Perhaps the disciples thought powerless and vulnerable children would undermine the authority and credibility of Jesus to seize power as the Messiah, and think about it: Apart from photo opportunities along the campaign trail, how many of our national, state, and local leaders spend time with the powerless and vulnerable? We can also ask ourselves that

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