'Interpersonal Communication In The Hunt'

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The fact that there are new technologies, like the internet, that bring people together, interpersonal communication is at its highest level. Seiler and Beall, authors of “Communication: Making Connections,” describe Interpersonal Communication as “the creating and sharing meaning between persons who are in a relationship” (Seiler and Beall, 2014). In the movie “The Hunt” by Thomas Vinterberg interpersonal communication is highly portrayed. The main character of the movie, Lucas, lives in a Danish close-knit community, where everyone knows each other and share strong bonds between each other. Lucas is no exception. He works in a kindergarten and loves the kids. However, Klara, a child from the kindergarten and the daughter of his best friend,…show more content…
Matusitz and Breen define conflict as interpersonal differences between members of a group that have different views (Matusitz & Breen). The group in the movie is the small town in which Lucas lives in. After the rumors have spread and parents have talked about Karla’s claims, the whole community hates Lucas. He is no longer welcome in the supermarket, he was fired from the kindergarten and he broke up with his girlfriend. Most of the people disregard conflict or try to escape from it. However, that is an unhealthy way of maintaining a relationship. While conflicts can be destructive and can destroy a relationship, not all conflicts are bad if managed correctly. In fact, conflict can make a relationship stronger. That is why conflict is important and everyone should study it. In the movie, Lucas became close with Nadja and they soon started to live together. After the accusations, they started to struggle to maintain their relationship. Lucas was frustrated and tired of the hatred. Furthermore, Nadja started to doubt Lucas, which infuriated him. He ended up forcing her out of the house. That by no means is a healthy way to resolve a conflict. Forcing is one of the worst ways to solve a conflict. Consequently, their relationship ended as fast as it started. Although they come back together after the tensions in the town have lessened, the movie does not tell the story of their reunion and it is unclear how they managed to get back

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