Dramatic Irony In Oedipus The King

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1) Teiresias was skeptical to speak to Oedipus at first. As Oedipus grew more anxious to know answers he kept pressuring Teiresias to speak. Teiresias told him to quit searching for the murderer because it will only bring him pain. After much more hesitation, Teiresias speaks the truth and tells Oedipus that he is the murderer they seek. 2) Oedipus is a physically strong man with excessive pride and is powerfully intellect. Although, he does care for his fellow Thebian people, he is too arrogant and quick to point the finger at someone. For example, in lines 355 all the way up into 415, Teiresias is reluctant on speaking about the cryptic comments about Laius’s murderer, all Oedipus does is ridicules him and quickly accuses Teiresias of being…show more content…
Some instances of dramatic irony I saw in Oedipus the King were when he accused Creon of treason and when readers learned about the Oedipus prophecy. We learn ahead of time and observe how all the characters make choices which results in them making their circumstances worse. 7) It allowed us to focus on the social results of the social actions that would be undermined if violence was in the forefront. Conversely, the violence absorbs and engages readers into the story/play. 8) Oedipus blinds himself because he doesn’t want to live and see what the future holds for him, it brings him too much pain. Not only does his mother who also happened to be his wife died, but he conceived 2 daughters with her and thinks that they will be evaded due to his incestuous marriage. Maybe since it was his mother’s/wife gold pin and gold is considered to be valuable or also losing his eye sight which is valuable to people could be a significant meaning. 9) I would sympathize somewhat with his character due to his genetic ties that couldn’t be helped. He also had a big ego which affected him greatly and it could have just been his destiny. Although, all his chaos and ultimate doom wasn’t just based on the choices he made but also due
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