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Goods Provision The commons is one of the largest sources of law there is. There are hundreds of thousands of pages about the commons in the law. It truly is one of the hardest areas to govern. Who owns what, and how to evenly distribute between the people? The problem is that since it is the commons, we are all entitled to it. This is the inherent flaw and virtue of the commons, everybody is entitled to it, and should have some voice in the way that it is ran. The Logic of the Collective Action, was a very short read. However, never let the length of an article confuse you. This article ended being a very powerful article. As with most social sciences, for the ease of life and our studies, we say that the common person will automatically work for the greater group.…show more content…
Again, I am living in this very environment with law school. The legal body is a self-policing, and in law school it is even worse because not only are the attorneys looking down at us at every step, all other students are also looking over everyone’s shoulder. However, we would fall in to the small group category. At Drake, it is not the Paper Chase, nor are there preverbal knives at everyone’s throats. We have come to another form of interactions, which is a hybrid, mutual assured destruction, which in this context, if one of my fellow law students starts to bring Honor Board violations with the most, the entire system will collapse because we know everything on everyone else. With this form mutual assured destruction, we all know what is happening with each other, and look out each other’s benefit (whether it be a cheating significant other, or a potential job opening), however, when there is someone who crosses the line, everyone knows that the line was crossed and that the person is in trouble, ether within the student body itself (which we rely heavily to survive) or with the deans

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