John Redding Goes To Sea Essay

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In the short story “John Redding Goes to Sea” by Zora Neale Hurston, John Redding partakes in a dream of going to explore the sea, but his mother in addition to his wife does not support his decision. Through the hard times as well as the difficulties, John Redding finally finds his way to sea. In the begging of the short story John Redding starts off as a young boy (at the age of ten) wanting to travel to sea. John spent his time throwing twigs into the St. John River, watching as the twigs sailed away to Jacksonville (paragraph 6. While watching the twigs he noticed that some of the twigs would not get through. They began to become tangled among the weeds. His dad, Alfred, walks upon John while he had become frustrated at the twigs, his father then explains to him that they can be “twigs” in life that will tangle him up. John grows up, goes to school, plus he then unexpectedly marries Stella Kanty in the spring, where colors riot through nature (paragraph 52). The pink, blue, purple, as well as yellow blossoms existed to be in full bloom in addition the white nights began to appear. He then breaks the news to Stella that he would like to join the navy, but Stella in addition to his mother Matty, refuse to let him go.…show more content…
Hill comes flying down the road, then halted at the Redding gate (paragraph 94). Mr. Hill came to ask John if he would help him save the bridge before the flood swept away the five months of work. After John accepts, his mother, father, in addition to his wife waited for him through the long stormy night. While waiting, the sounds of sorrow began to play, an owl roared from the wood pile, the calf bleated in the barn, as well as the booms from the alligators in Lake Howell Creek played (paragraph 109). At ten o’clock the breeze of the night grew stiffer until midnight when the bulky kerosene lamp began to flicker (paragraph

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