Short Story Of Prince Vlad Tepes 'Dracul'

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It had been nearly seven years beyond the treacherous malfeasance of the madman called Ripper, who did so rigorously paint the streets of London; from Whitechapel to Pall-Mall in a crimson coat; preying on the working-class woman. It was by comparison the most brutal display of carnage since the Yard put and end to the Fleet Street tonsorial and his bawdy innkeeper. -And yet never a man nor beast more dreadful walk the prestigious Isle of Great Britain, than the monster we'd come to know as Prince Vlad Tepes, the Dracul. I confess it was our reticence by quest of infallible reason that we failed to act timely; despite many previous attempts requesting our engagement. I am grateful to the press for publishing many early cases as a disease of

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