Intellectual Stimulation Case Study

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2.4 Intellectual Stimulation (IS) - the leader challenges followers to be innovative and creative. One of the key components of Haier’s culture is Innovation. This can also be reflected by Zhang’s continual push to employees for innovation. • Before pushing employees to innovate, Zhang has already set a high bar for himself to be innovative. Zhang Ruimin has never set a border for him, even for what Haier is. Initially, he positioned Haier is a manufacturer with high quality. Moving on, he pushes himself to re-position Haier as a service provider. Therefore, under his strong desire for innovation, Haier not only produces home appliances, but also provides services to provide a better life for consumers in China, even in other countries globally.…show more content…
• Under the innovative culture and continual push from Zhang Ruimin, Haier actually witnessed a great progress of innovative products and services which can bring value to different level customers. For example, in Pakistan, Haier invented a large washing machine which could afford robes, and in China, they even established a washing machine with large hoses and is used to wash vegetables on Chinese farms. • Within Haier Company, Zhang Ruimin has also invented a system called “Consumer-responsive Innovation”, also known as “Customer Service Leadership”. This program intends to encourage employees to quickly respond to the customer specific needs, and provide tailor-made products to meet their expectation. Thanks to the innovation system, Haier has been increasingly producing tailor-made products in different markets. Right now, Haier has already had the reputation for “custom-crafted” producer. For example, customer could choose color and feature via internet and information will be sent to the factory directly for…show more content…
Haier University was founded in 1999 Dec. It was not a literally university as it is not open to public, yet it is a sacred place for Haier employees. In this university, employees are gathering together to learn knowledge, to exchange new ideas, and to make innovative ideas come true. The slogan of the university is “Innovation, Integrity, Innovation”. The slogan wants to leave deep impression into each employees about the importance of innovation, and encourage them to continuously study. The mission of this university is support each employee to become its own CEO, and to continuously develop values for

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