Grit By Jonah Lehrer Analysis

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In real life people needs to work hard to reach to the point they wanted. Also, nothing comes easy in the real world, it's about the work you done. To have a successful life is about aiming to your goal without giving up. Also, don't let anything to stop you from finishing your goals. Jonah Lehrer says from his “The Truth about Grit,” that “Grit” Or “persistence” is about working hard, choosing the main goal to work on, and don't let anything to stop you until you aim your goal. Also Jonah said that there are many people who are giving up their goal easier and there are people with grit keep going until they aims to their goal. On the other hand, people with grit they end up with a successful and happy life with everything they did. Being intelligent doesn't get you through life on easy way, but with determination and patience you will make full of happiness and easy ended. Based on the passage after a long time research found about “measurements of intelligence, such as the IQ test, as the crucial marker of future success, many scientists point out that most of the variation in individual achievement - what makes one person successful, while…show more content…
I remember two of my friends in the University in Yemen. They were both studying law and one of them drop out on the second year and the other finished his career. The one who dropped out he was smart but he found that studying law was hard for him than he give up and left the college. Whoever, his friends has strong determination he was working hard on his college until he gets his degree. Now the one who dropped out he drives a truck for livening and his friends who finished up he is a lawyer and he have a successful and full of happiness life. It's true that people with grit they got paid off in the end of their

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