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What type of monkey species type is a Simia Sciureus? A Squirrel Monkey this monkey is a small monkey that has a rather small body of about a foot long, but the tail on the other hand is about 16 inches long! This monkey's diet is a rather normal diet for a monkey. It includes things like insects, and flowers. This certain type of monkey lives in cultivated areas that are usually around rivers or streams. A squirrel monkey is a very small monkey because of its size it is eaten by a lot of other animals, so it is endangered. Since it is endangered most of these monkeys have been taken in captivity so they can be breed more so that way they won’t be endangered. Even though these monkeys are endangered they are still out there and our still living. So a Simia Sciurea is a rather small monkey that lives in the Northern part of south America with a rather normal diet for a monkey. A squirrel monkey lives in a tropical forest in the Northern part of South America such as Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazil. They typically live on the forest edge and forest gallery. Also, they can live in virgin secondary forest. Additionally, in cultivated areas that are usually around rivers or streams is also, where they live. Where they live you usually find them up in a tree with their fellow monkeys. This environment…show more content…
Such as, fruit, flowers, insects, and small vertebrates. A Squirrel Monkey’s is an omnivore. The types of insects it eats are spiders, mealworms, crickets and grasshoppers since these insects are rather small they are easy for the squirrel money to get a hold of, and eat. “A squirrel monkey eating habits are 2-5% insects, 5-10% treats (If it lives in a zoo), 15-20% fruits and vegetables, and 75-80% ( Food from the zoo).” Meanwhile, a squirrel monkey has a wide spread of things it eats depending on if it lives in a zoo or in the wild either way it still eats similar things except for a few different

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