Essay Comparing The Tell Tale Heart And The Black Cat

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“The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Black Cat” are stories written by Edgar Allan Poe, both sharing the topic of murder and mental insanity. Both stories share in romanticism and characterization .At the opening the protagonists in both stories do not have much in common: Through a close read, one can see that they actually have a lot of similarities; However criminal flashbacks and confessing their motives. Each story starts off with the criminal flashbacks. In “The Tell-Tale Heart” the protagonist is writing the story from a prison cell after he murders and old man that he lived with, as he tells how he had no actual reason for killing the man. In “The Black Cat” a man is defending the relevance of his story. He also is telling the story from his prison cell after also committing a murder, his wife. The protagonists tries to explain how him abusing his cat lead to the death of his wide, but he can’t really make sense of it all. Both are telling their own story about how things happened from their point of view. Now on to the differences.…show more content…
In “The Tell Tale Heart” the reader finds out how things end up at the beginning but in “The Black Cat” you don’t find out what will until the end. Edgar Allan Poe makes the ending of all his stories very clear to the reader, by making them have the anxiety of wanting to know what will happen next. The outcomes of both stories are technically the same: Both men think they have committed the perfect crime, but push the police to catch them. In “The Black Cat” by telling the police officer to go to the cellar which the protagonist knew he had the cat there, In “The Tell-Tale Heart” when he tells the officers to sit in the exact spot where he buried the old man’s heart. Which causes their cockiness to get them caught: The police finding the wife’s body along the cat, and the old man’s body that has but cut

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