Comparing Wari And Tiwanaku In Andean Civilization

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What similarities and differences are noticeable among the three major continents of the world? The three major continents were similar in the way that they all initially were hunter and gatherers. Which lead to each of them having an agricultural revolution and then adopted the way of agriculture. They all developed civilizations and Eurasia had the most in numbers compared to the other continents. The three cintinents are different because Africa and Europe could exchanged idea would allow for cultural diffusion but the Americas were isolated and which lead tro less cultural diffusion.In Eurasia there was metallurgy and there was less of it in the Americas. How did the history of Meroe and Axum reflect interaction with neighboring civilizations? Meroe’s…show more content…
The features of Moche life that characterize it as a civilization are the domination of the coast of Peru, Where in thirteen river valleys, and routed irrigation systems that needed a lot of maintenance. What was the significance of Wari and Tiwanaku in the history of Andean Civilization? The significance of the Wari and Tiwanaku in the history of Andean Civilization are the political integration and common cultural traits of the Andean Civilization. The pottery was used throughout and beyond the region. The Inca adopted much of the style of the Wari and Tiwanaku. In what ways did the arrival of Bantu-Speaking peoples stimulate cross-cultural interaction? The arrival of Bantu-speaking people stimulated the cross-cultural interaction by bringing agriculture and riron into the region of Africa south of the equator. Allow more people to live in smaller areas. They also brought infectious diseases that the hunting and gathering people had little immunity to. The language also spread the slowly family by family. In what ways were the histories of the Ancestral Pueblo and the Mound Builders similar to each other, and how did they

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