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Edgar Allan Poe was one of the most well known poets/writers of the 1800s, and his legacy continues to grow today. He wrote terribly beautiful writings with fantastic yet wicked intent. A life characterized by darkness, obscurity, and insanity is evident in the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Had he not lived a life with mental illnesses and internal disturbances, his works would not have received the fame and recognition that have made them the timeless classics they are today. The disturbances of Poe started when he was a toddler. Since he was little, he was surrounded by death and tragedy. According to “Balancing Between Sensitization and Repression: The Role of Opium in the Life and Art of Edgar Allan Poe and Samuel Taylor Coleridge”, an…show more content…
While Poe was a young child, he had relatives that were addicted to alcohol. David Poe, Edgar’s biological father, had history of alcoholism in his family before the birth of Edgar, and his brother, William, died of an early age due to alcohol (Iszaj and Demetrovics, 1615). This shows that alcohol was not something new for Poe; he was well aware of what it was from previous experiences. According to the “Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol, & Addictive Behavior”, “Studies have shown that the first-degree relatives of alcoholics are fourteen times more likely to be addicts themselves” (Carson-DeWitt). This means that Poe was very likely to fall under the influence of alcohol. From the website, http://www.neuroticpoets.com/poe/, “after his lover got engaged to another man, Poe started to drink heavily, and he easily became ‘violent and irrational’ once he drank over his limit” (Mondragon, 1). This shows that Poe was sometimes uncontrollable with drinking, which would cause him to be drunk. Therefore, the inference that Poe’s writings were written under the influence is clearly true. In one of his classic dark tales, “The Cask of Amontillado,” the narrator passionately wishes to seek revenge on a man. To accomplish his goal, he brings the man into his wine vault, which also happens to be his family’s crypt, and gets the man drunk. Finally, the narrator seals the man in a crypt by…show more content…
From the tragedies of his past, to the chronic alcohol abuse of his present, depression was certain to enter Poe’s life, and become worse and worse as time continued. Poe was an abuser of alcohol, which is most likely the leading factor to his depression. According to “Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol, & Addictive Behavior”, “Chronic alcohol abuse can lead to numerous adverse effects- to direct effects such as depression. As drinking prolongs, depression intensifies” (Carson-Dewitt). This proves that his depression accelerated since he started drinking and it only grew stronger. Depressive signs are also seen throughout his writing. He wrote splendidly sinister tales of death, wickedness, tragedy, guilt, and more. In one of many of Poe’s poems, “Alone”, tells the story of Poe and his depressing life. The poem ends with a final verse “And the cloud that took the form, (When the rest of Heaven was blue), Of a demon in my view—”(Poe, 430). The ending of this poem clearly proves that Poe was a dark and depressed person, and even when things were happy, great and ‘blue’, the only thing he noticed was “a demon in his

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