The Transformation Of Characters In The Raven And The Black Cat

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Richard Peck has said, “Even in a handful of pages, the characters can’t be the same people in the last paragraph whom we met in the first.” Characters develop and grow throughout writing, and Edgar Allan Poe’s characters are an example of that. All of his characters have identifying characteristics and traits which greatly impact how they make decisions. Sometimes, these choices trigger events. These events are what truly transform characters throughout the story. The characters and their character traits in Poe’s works “The Raven”, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, and “The Black Cat” lead to choices. All of which then lead to the transformation of the characters throughout the story. The narrator in Poe’s story “The Black Cat” suffered a great transformation because of events that the narrator’s choices brought forth. The character had many character traits that distinguished him as a person. The narrator was moody and irritable, as well as an alcoholic as he entered adulthood. However, he could still be considered sane. All these character traits in Poe’s story “The…show more content…
At the beginning of the story, he was overconfident and too sure of himself. While carrying out the crime, he remained calm and collected, and when the policemen came, was sure that no one would ever figure him out. He was positive that the crime had gone off without a hitch. However, because of the narrator’s overconfidence, he made some choices that greatly led to both his transformation and his downfall. Since the narrator was so convinced that he had fooled the policemen, he made the decision to keep talking to them. He had decided that his manner alone had convinced them, and let his guard down. These choices then led to his transformation. The longer he engaged in conversation, the more his conscience bothered him. This show of morality and guilt is very unlike how he was at the beginning of the story, showing a

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