Inner City People Case Study

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Inner city kids have some of the toughest lives in America, and many feel as though they don’t have a purpose. This is often due to parents abandoning them, getting arrested for drinking, doing drugs, or gang-related activities, or being in mental institutions. The kids are then identified as bad children because of the acts their parents committed. This causes separation from social groups, poverty, and movement among adopted families. To help these kids, volunteer organizations and church groups form inner city youth organizations. The people that run these organizations are dedicated and have a passion for helping others. One of these dedicated people is Jerrell Stepeny who has the idea of forming a national inner city youth organization.…show more content…
Jerrell would watch MaClay sit down with children about to give up on life and give them a purpose to push on. “MaClay wants to make sure everyone fits in and nobody is judged based on skin color, the denomination of church, or the mistakes you’ve made in the past,” said Jerrell. MaClay taught Jerrell how to be patient, kind, respectful, and compassionate towards the children. Following these teachings, Jerrell sat with kids hours a day inspiring them not to give up on life. He continued helping the kids at the organization for multiple…show more content…
After college graduation, he plans on using his major to help his friends spread the word about the youth organization by writing articles, making flyers, and commercials. Even though his role in the future organization is the most significant, since he has to get the word out, he still refuses to take credit for it. Jerrell told me it was a team effort and without one another, the plan would fail because everyone that is helping form the organization has a unique role. If one person doesn’t do their job the plan would collapse in mere seconds. This shows that Jerrell is truly passionate about what he does because he doesn’t care about whose job is more significant. He just wants to help everyone he can, so he doesn't have to watch anyone suffer. This is why the organization he wants to create is so important to

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