Benefits Of Being An American Essay

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What is an American? As individuals we each have our own view of what an American is. An American is not only free, but is also fair and proud. Being an American has various benefits, one of which is freedom. “I love AMERICA because I have so many rights!...freedom of speech, the freedom of voting...freedom of being your own individual.”(Krista G. pg.2 #13) America is the place that people go to to escape the limitations they have on freedom. This is something that everyone wants, especially if they don’t normally have it. Among other things, America provides freedom of education, “To be an American is great,... I can go to school to get an education.”(Ciara W. pg.1 #9) The freedom of education is needed in various countries. But, because these countries don’t have it families send their children to America with hopes that they get the freedom they need in order to get an education. Another reason why people travel to America is money, “You can make enough money to support your family.”(Anthony pg.59) With the jobs available in America people have…show more content…
“Being an American to me is… to be fair.”(Kaitlyn T. pg.1 #4) Who doesn’t want to be treated fairly? A lot of people hope to be treated nicely, but unfortunately aren’t. Those who are treated fairly have a sort of wishful thinking. “...we are all treated equally no matter what...”(Cody S. pg.1 #7) Despite the fact that everyone isn’t really treated fairly, in America, people should be. “...people should allow other cultures and religions to be with your own culture.”(Eugene D. pg.2 #14) The law clearly states that there should be no discrimination, especially between other cultures and religions. People have the freedom to express themselves, that right should be appreciated by treating those people fairly. Fair treatment is very important to most, if not all, Americans. It is yet another benefit from being an
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