Inequality Was The Main Cause Of The French Revolution

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The French Revolution was created because of the increasing number of problems that were never properly resolved. Inequality was also growing within the three classes which caused conflicts within the government. New ideas were also forming which increased the tension inside of France. Those these were both great causes of the French Revolution, the most important cause was the increasing debt. All these problems created tension between the people and the King but also within people themselves, leading us to the French Revolution. Inequality had created a lot of tension and conflicts between the three different estates. The King had always taxed the Third Estate and exempted the First and Second Estate. This allowed the upper classes to spend more money than needed on themselves while the Third was left to fend for themselves. The Third Estate was already struggling to meet their basic needs with their unfair salary along with the taxes they were striving to buy just a loaf of bread. With inflation starting, everything was against them, the First and Second Estate, the King, the Church, and even the market. Inequality was an consequential aspect that upsetted and angered the Third Estate greatly.…show more content…
The ideas of the Philosophers gave motivation to the Third Estates to revolt. Each philosopher would have different beliefs. Rousseau believed in a social contract and democracy. Voltaire believed in freedom of thought but at the same time he believed that an absolute monarchy was how the country should be ruled. All of these different ideas told the lower class what the outcome of their actions could be and what their country could become. The Enlightenment was a very significant event in leading to the French

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