The Causes Of The Ancien Regime

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The French Revolution is without doubts one of the most important and influential events in the world’s history. First of all of course it played a vital role in formation of new type of society in France, the more democratic and progressive one. As well as that it is difficult to underestimate its effect on the world- from spreading of the progressive ideas, to for instance, influencing countries in Latin America to leave their colony dependency. Even though it’s believed by some that same changes which France achieved in the revolution could have been reached without it, the situation in the country prior to the start of revolution was so problematic and problems were so acute that the revolution was a logical result. There were several causes of the revolution, but the most structural and combining explanation for the reasons of the revolution would be the specifics of the structure of the state and society of France, so called Ancien Regime. Particular specifics of relations in between society classes and different areas of state have been formed in the Ancien Regime and most of them were the premises of the Revolution.…show more content…
Ancien Regime is first of all the form of society. It is a form which the society and state in France took for time from early XVI and until late XVII centuries. It was a combination of social, political and economic relationships in the country on which the life of the country was based. This regime was still aristocratic and even in some ways still feudal. However, in XVII century absolute monarchy was formed and it became one of the most important features of the Ancien Regime. The other feature which largely formed the structure of the Ancien Regime was the system of

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