Individuality In The Giver

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Individuality vs. Groups: Why would being an individual be better than being in a group? What I Know, Assume, or Imagine Individuality is what distinguishes people from others in groups. Many assume the individual stands out in a group since they might seem apart and don’t get along as well as others or are isolated because of their differences. People are either individualistic or collectivist. In The Giver, the characters Jonas and the Giver both seemed different from the other people who were all the same. They were different because they were the ones that experienced pain and things that the others didn’t do so they could be protected from the truth. The people also didn’t understand because they were a group and the Giver and Jonas were two individuals that were different from the group. Others imagine that individuality is the difference between people like how they have similarities, but it’s not just about that. Individuality is what a person on the inside feels that is being compared to others. Individuality also affects lives in many ways as we all know it. My Purpose for Research The thing about individuality that interests me most is that it tells the difference between others. Even though people all seem alike, some of them have had bad experiences and…show more content…
If you have a large group of friends, they have different lives and will take different paths leaving you alone. Most people would likely try finding new friends which is good, but what if they betray you? What would that leave you with? It leaves you back at square one trying to find friends with the same interest but failing once more, but after many deficiencies, you should become individual and stop on wasting times on people who are your ¨friends¨. On the other hand, loneliness is unhealthy, so even having a peer or co-worker around can keep this away. You never know what this can do

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